a new visualization technique for SPM and Blender


BrainBlend is a toolbox for the software package Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM), that generates voxeldata files to be used with the open-source 3d-software Blender. Our interface between SPM and Blender permits the use of any Analyze- and Nifti-file for the creation of images and animations of transparent volumetric objects.

Different kinds of anatomical, functional and statistical data can be rendered as volumetric objects in order to convey an immediate understanding of the three-dimensional shape. Representations of functional networks can be animated using a time course extracted from the general linear model or the independent component analysis. Relative BOLD activations of functional MR-images can be calculated for a time-resolved depiction of hemodynamic changes. The resulting animation can be displayed along with its corresponding paradigm matrix and the presented stimuli. BrainBlend is particularly suitable for the visual exploration of interactions between functional networks, for time-resolved animations of BOLD changes and meets high demands on visual quality in images and animations.


Configurable degree of transparency

Extensive visualization possibilities for functional data

Depiction of time-resolved BOLD signal changes as animation

Depiction of voxelbased BOLD animation with paradigm related materials

BrainBlend is integrated in SPM as normal Toolbox (it works under SPM5 and SPM8)

Full functionality of Blender for the visualization and animation of fMRI data in Blender

Here you can download a little demonstration video. Further videos via Youtube or Vimeo will follow.